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Air Freight
We also operate a air freight forwarding that provides clients with professional cargo-pick up, warehousing, customs clearance and air-shipment booking services. The licensed in-house customs brokerage division offers our clients not only the general inbound and outbound customs clearance, but also the special visa application for goods such as textiles, books and computer software. Through EDI linkage with airport customs office, we expedite the customs clearance procedure for our clients so as to get the goods on board on time. Pacific Star air freights forwarding brings together the resources of Pacific Star Group, and has branches or agents in all of the world’s major cities – giving it a consummate service network. Through coordination with warehouses and first class airlines, Pacific Star International is able to meet all of our clients’ demands through its speed, accuracy, extensive transport routes and meticulous service
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We look forward to and welcome you to get in touch with us. Pacific Star Group has many branches around the world, and every Peihua employee will do his best to provide you with satisfactory services.
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